Andrew McEachern / Animator

League of Legends Character Animation Concept

All Attack Animations:

Quick Spell: Gem Rush

Progress of Amintas' second ability.



Animation: As the character design called for this to be a powered up normal attack this had to be Amintas’ fastest animation. In order for gameplay to not be interrupted the character goes through the bulk of the animation in only 9 frames. this doesn’t leave a lot of time for antic or to sell the animation properly, so to compensate for this I first stretched out the character’s arms at the start and during his swing to exaggerate the momentum being generated and also to increase the readability of the attack. After that I had the character pause at the end of his down swing for 3-4 frames (1/3 of the prior animation!) to give the viewer’s eye a chance to catch up and register what just happened. 

Additionally, Amintas takes his time receiving his gems again, selling the speed and weight that was missing in the attack earlier by stretching out the gems to emphasize their velocity and making him recoil from the perceived impact of the gems returning to him. In this way even though I cheated the beginning of the animation the viewer’s sense of what feels “right” is returned before the animation ends.

Gameplay: As mentioned above this is an empowered auto-attack, meaning it had to be really short and sweet so that the character can continue doing whatever the player needs him to as soon as possible. So, while the entire animation is 30 frames long (too long for a quick attack) the animation is expected to be interrupted as soon as frame 9 and blended into a movement or second attack animation. If the player fires the ability off and lets the character sit there the full animation will play and cycle perfectly into the idle animation.


Large Spell : Extinction Event


Progression on ultimate attack going from ref > blocking > In Betweens > Polish



Animation: For this animation I needed to drive home the supernatural aspect of the ability (since the character is using the crystal’s power not his own) and also for it to have some kind of “wow” factor as it is the character’s strongest ability. I decided that having the character float up in a trance like state would check both those boxes and give me the opportunity to showcase the crystal itself which does all the damage; which is why I made it float above Amintas in the air before taking off. Initially I had the character pick himself up off the ground but from a gameplay perspective no matter how I tried to execute it, it took to long. So that’s when I tried having the crystal return to Amintas with enough velocity it picked him up instead, which could happen much faster! This also has the added bonus of showing how fast the crystal was travelling previously (it flies off screen to get into position before) and what kind of power it can have. 

Gameplay: Amintas’ final ability is one with a large risk/reward factor. It has a long channel time (very slightly over 3 seconds) but the effect it can have on the game would be felt by everyone if used right. This ultimate ability has a really big tell so it would be necessary to have only certain types of attacks interrupt the casting of it, or make him untargetable for the later part of the channel. The full animation is 105 frames but the character can begin moving again after 95 if they needed to. In this way it would be an ability similar to a character like Nunu with a long cast time but a nice pay off if you can make it work.

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